Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The First One.

Apparently blogging is the "married" thing to do, and since we are "married" now, we have decided to create our very own Bell blog. To be quite honest, I really have no idea what to even write in one of these things, especially with it being the first post and all so I guess I'll just wrap up a few of the highlights since the Big Day.

The Wedding was perfect. I really could not have asked for a more beautiful day. The temple sealing was amazing, followed by a ring ceremony and reception in the gorgeous mountains of Colorado. Literally every detail was perfect.... thank you to everyone who helped make the day so memorable for us both, especially our parents, friends and family, and wedding party! You can check out some of the pictures our sister-in-law took on her website, Go to the proofing link, and the password is Madison. She did such a good job! Here are just a few of the families that a friend took at the temple.

We honeymooned right outside of Cancun, Mexico. What a beautiful place! We stayed at an all inclusive resort and have come to the conclusion that they are defiantely the way to travel - all the food, drinks, and activities you could ask for! We snorkeled in the crystal clear water, went horseback riding on the beach, ziplined through the jungle, kayaked, and sailed. We had a blast!

We also had an open house in California. It was so fun to get to see all of Eric's friends and family who were not able to make it out to Colorado.

We are currently back in Provo. We both have to finish up school... Eric will be done with his Economics, Portugese, and Business degress in December (finally!) and I will be finished with my Spanish and ESL classes in April. We live in a darling little apartment that we love. It is a work in progress and I will probably be all finished with my decorating just in time to pack it all back up again! Eric plans on attending law school next fall, so we will be headed wherever that takes us.... until then, we'll be spending most of our time in Provo!