Wednesday, April 13, 2011

That Just Happened

I'm pretty sure Eric thought I was perfect when we got  married.  I had him fooled for a while, but apparently I have a few "annoying" habits. Who knew?  One such habit is unknowingly moving the remote control away from him when I sit down next to him on the couch.  Is it my fault that I want to get as close to him as possible?  The remote just gets in my way and it has to go.

This being said, the following scene just took place in our home:

The Mrs: (Sits down next to The Mr. and moves his bag of chips away from him.  The Mr. gives her a look) "Sorry honey, I  guess I do that with everything, not just the remote control."

The Mr: "I noticed."

The Mrs:  "huh?"

The Mr:  "I noticed."

The Mrs: "What?"

The Mr: "And it's noted."

The Mrs: (Still sitting next to The Mr.) "WHAT?"

The Mr: "Man, your freaking deaf."

The Mrs: "What??  You think I look like death?"

The Mr: "Really?  Are you serious right now?"

Unfortunately, I was.