Monday, October 26, 2009

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bueno Bueno (a shoutout to Spain)

One time I lived in Spain. Last year to be exact. It was wonderful and I miss it dearly. I miss the afternoons in the Parque Retiro and the countless hours I spent getting lost in the halls of the Prado. I miss the group excursions and Consuelo, and FauFau, Gui, and Julio. I miss Sfera and Zara. I miss the old people in Spain, and I even miss the outrageous PDA haha. Chasing the bus and metro, and eating lots of gelato (about 12 extra pounds worth.) Oh, I miss the gelato.

Not that I’m saying that my life is completely miserable here in Provo – in fact, I wouldn’t trade where I’m at right now for anything, but sometimes I think to myself as I’m driving to the grocery store or work, “this time last year I was watching Flamenco at a Flamenco bar in Sevilla,” or “riding the midnight train to Barcelona where we swam in the Mediterranean and I stayed in my first hostel (that was an experience!).” I’m so lucky that I was able to have the experiences I did.

I think in many ways I owe our marriage to Spain (and not just because I drank from the fountain of marriage) When I was gone Eric and I really had a chance to build our friendship through emails and Skype conversations. I anxiously checked my email every morning and throughout the day hoping to find one from him. I love those emails and I’m so glad that we still have them. (I wanted to post one but Eric said no… sorry I know you wanted the juicy details! Haha) Once I got back, it was easy to jump right into things – and now, we’re married!! One more reason that I will always love Spain!

Legend has it that by drinking out of this fountain you will be married in the next year. hmmm...

The cuadernos - you wouldn't understand.

Perfect autumn afternoon with my favorite ladies.

Roman statues

Goya - my love.

And just in case any of you were wondering what Eric was up to while I was gone.....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wedding Bells

That’s right…another Bell wedding! The third one this year to be exact! Its been a busy year for my in-laws John and Donna, but they successfully pulled off another beautiful wedding. Kimi and Eldon got married on October 17 in the LA Temple and we were so glad that we got to be there. Kimi is Eric’s little sister and she really was a beautiful bride – and so happy! I doubt if I’ve ever seen such a glowing bride. The temple ceremony was very powerful and reminded me and Eric of the wonderful blessings that come from being sealed for all eternity, we are so lucky!
Here are some pictures from the Big Day… Sorry I only have a few from the Temple, my camera died – go figure! But I assure you that the reception was beautiful as well.

The Happy Couple just coming out of the temple

With John and Donna

Brian and Monica with the boys

He learned how to sniff the flowers

Uncle Eric and little Jared

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Witch Is In

That's right… my mom and Steff came to visit. (Two weekends ago now) Now don't get me wrong, I love my mom and sister and they are by no means a witch, but we got to do some real witchy things and she helped me get ready for Halloween! We went to go see the Witches up at the Gardner's Mill in South Jordan – How have I lived in Provo for 4 years and not seen the witches at Gardners Mill?? They were adorable!! The Mill is a little shopping place with cute old houses and cute cute stores. At Halloween, they decorate it with the most darling witches you've ever seen… Go see them!

Some of the witches from the Mill

Me and Steffi

Oh, Lucy.

We did A LOT of shopping, while the girls were here. We've been in our house for 2 months now and I've desperately needed my mother's decorative advice (Eric just doesn't have that creative touch she does). We decorated for Halloween and Fall time and even got things ready to be put out for Christmas! More than anything she helped me decorate our cute little apartment for everyday- I've had a pile of pictures, etc to put up I've just been at a loss at where. We hung curtains (Finally!), pictures, clocks, shelves… our place looks so cute now, sometimes I just stare at it haha. Now if we can only keep it clean! Besides decorating and shopping, we did some good eating, and just some quality girl time. I wish they lived closer so we could have more of these opportunities… maybe someday! Here are some pictures of our house!
The Dining Room - I love my clock!

The Kitchen!

Family Room

Our front door! Happy Halloween!

Eric got away for the weekend- He went to Las Vegas with some friends to watch BYU beat UNLV... 59-21! Go Cougars! My only request from his boys weekend – bring me something back from H&M. Just like the wonderful husband that he is, he drug his friends to H&M and brought me back some scarves – Now I only wish the weather would cool off so I could wear them! It was good to have him back home from our first weekend away from each other.

In other news….. I GOT A JOB!! Yes, I am now a member of the "those who are employed" club. I'll be working as a receptionist at a local law firm – Philmore Spencer. I've done my training and tomorrow I start in yikes! It's a little overwhelming to learn the 13 attorneys, their assistants, and the quirks of each one, but after a little time, I think I'll get the hang of it. Thank you Courtney for helping me get the job!

Jess also came to visit – New Mexico played BYU in girls soccer so I got to spend a little time with her before and after the game catching up. It's been a while, especially since she wasn't able to make it to the wedding because of soccer. It was so good to see her, and Eric finally got to meet her! Good luck with the rest of your season Jess and hopefully we'll see you back here soon!
We just went to California for Kimi's wedding - it was beautiful, a post to come soon!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oh, Fall.

So, I must say, Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the leaves, the cool crisp air, wearing sweaters and boots, cuddling, apple cider, friends, pumpkin cookies (well really any kind of cookies, cakes, or pies for that matter), Halloween, Thanksgiving, family, football games, good food. We had a wonderful fall-filled weekend, it was perfect.

On Friday I made some yummy corn-bread and chilli and then headed to the football game with our good friends. It was a lot of fun, and of course... BYU won! Go Cougars!!

Saturday was about as perfect as they come. We started off the day with a power-house session of General Conference along with some delicious omelets (courtesy of Mr. Nick Jonutz,) and my famous Mickey Mouse Waffles. We were so glad that Jill and Nick came to watch conference with us! After conference, we took a ride up the Alpine Loop to look at all the BEAUTIFUL leaves. If you have the opportunity and haven't done it yet, GO! Before its too late. The colors were unbelievable - red, yellow, orange, pink, green - as Eric said, it looked like a bowl of fruit loops. We absolutely loved it - it reminded me of all the times my parents packed us in the car and took us on 5 hour drives to look at the leaves. I didn't appreciate it back then, but it will definately be
a tradition in our family.

The pictures definately don't do any justice - just go see it for yourselves!

While Eric was at the Priesthood Session, I went out to dinner with the Bennett women - o how I love them, and the dinner was good too. Zupas.... yum. That night we headed back up to Sundance to do the Full Moon Chairlift rides. I thought it was about the most romantic thing in the whole world! We took blankets, hot cocoa, and a treat - hopped on the chairlift and rode up the mountain underneath the glow of the full moon. Even though we both complain about living in Utah, there are some definate benefits :)

Please ignore my droopy left eye - I'm currently having contact issues.

We loved the rest of Conference and feel so blessed to be members of a Church with a true and living Prophet on the earth!

My mom and sister are coming out this week...Finally! Can't wait!