Monday, February 28, 2011


Life is really just a series of beautiful moments linked together, but I believe there are defnining moments in everyone's lives that make us who we are.  One such moment in my life was February 28, 2003.  I was a freshman in high school and really didn't have a care in the world.  And then, suddenly, my life was turned upside down when two of my dear friends were killed in a car accident.  Others were seriously injured and a third classmate (who I did not have the privilege of knowing) also lost her precious life. 

It shook me to the core and I struggled as I leaned on my friends, family, and faith to get through this trial. 

Brian and Michael were beautiful people with bright futures in front of them.  It all seemed so wrong.  So unfair. 

But through the despair, we grew and eventually... we healed.  We formed unbreakable bonds with one another and learned from the examples of Brian and Michael.  They were powerful missionaries. 

It's been eight years since the accident and I still think about them every day.  I think about how my faith was tested, and then strengthened.  I learned more about the love of our Heavenly Father, and his plan for us and I was comfoted by the knowledge that families are forever and that we are never alone. 

Please tell your friends and families how much you love them today. 

And please.... REMEMBER to drive safe. 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Go fly a kite

When Eric and I first started dating it was long distance. We didn't get to see each other very often, but Eric tried really hard to impress me  was really romantic and would fly to Denver to see me for just a few hours.  It's no wonder he swept me off my feet.  On one of these mini visits,  we went to a park near the airport, picnicked, and flew a kite. 

Oh, young love. 

Well,  things haven't changed too much around here. 
Except now we fly our kites at the beach. 

And we look really good doing it.

And just for your viewing pleasure, here is the view from our front porch. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Monday was Miss Steffani's Birthday!!  We love her so much and are so grateful to have her in our lives. 

Here are some reasons why she is so awesome. 

1. She absolutely ALWAYS has a smile on her face.  And Steff's smile is the best smile in the world.  No really, I dare you to find someone whose smile is as big and contagious as hers is. 

2. Her laugh is as contagious as her smile.  The best compliment I ever received was when someone told me I laughed like Steff.   

2. Steff is the happiest person we know.  I think it comes from laughing and smiling all the time

3.  She loves to bowl, and she will beat you every time. 

4. Steffani is an amazing cook.  She makes the most delicious Banana Bread you'll ever eat.

5.  She has played basketball for Special Olympics for like 8 years now. 

6.  Steff takes care of everyone around her.  Seriously if you are sick, she is the person you want to have around. 

7.  She is so motivated.  She works harder than anyone I know.

8.  She is freakishly strong.

9. I am convinced that she is the most Christ like person, ever. 

10. Everyone who knows her, loves her.  Obviously

As of late

My dad recently noted that my blog was lacking in interesting posts, to which I responded that my life was lacking in interesting events. So, sorry that we are not that interesting but we do our best.  

Well, that might not be entirely true, as we have been keeping ourselves very busy with work, friends, and family.  AND.... Drum roll please.....Eric is not the only employed member of the Bell family anymore. I have a job!! I work at a local tutoring company and I honestly LOVE my job.  I get to work one-on-one with elementary to high school aged kids.  I am the resident Spanish expert, but I  also tutor in any other subjects that my students may need help with.
Just ask me about mitosis... I've become quite the expert if I do say so myself. 

We took an impromptu vacation to Las Vegas over Valentine's Day weekend, and I didn't take any pictures.  Except this one.  

We went to the Rugby sevens tournament at UNLV and had a great time!  We also spent some time with our wonderful friends Jade and Ashton (and Peyton and Tinky!) 

On Monday we got a surprise visit from Scott, Jason, and Sam who came to Hermosa for a surfing lesson. 

 This is in the back of our house... we have a great view when the garbage truck isn't there.

And now for the highlight of the post...... Look what I made!!  This is my Valentine's Day wreath and I kind of love it! (it may or may not be still hanging on my door)

Well,  I hope that this was interesting enough for you.... we'll try to kick it up a notch.