Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!! Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays - I love dressing up! This year I was afraid we had dropped the ball because the day before Halloween we still didn't know what we were going to dress up as!! After spending about 45 minutes in the Halloween store, Eric decided on Rocky Balboa and luckily they had a matching outfit for me! We were excited with the way they turned out!

We went to the Garns' Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas Party and we had a lot of fun. Who knew mixing all the holidays in one would be such a big hit?? We had a Thanksgiving feast, drank wassail, and (almost) had a white elephant gift exchange. I say almost because we left before that happened to head over to the Johnson's for some more Halloweening.

Friday night we went to a Haunted House with Scott and CeLisa! Nightmare on 13th street - Not so nightmareish but fun nonetheless. Before the haunted house we stopped to get some delicious Pizza at Nicotalias (?) True to my nature, as I was walking in I slipped on some water, and made a very grand, yet very graceful entrance into the restaurant, landing on one knee with arms spread open wide in from of an unsuspecting table of pizza eaters. I don't think anyone really realized that I slipped and they all probably thought I was just a littly cooky. We had a good laugh about it for about ten minutes. After the Haunted House we spent the rest of the night watching some great Office episodes.

Scott and CeLisa at the Haunted House - she hates Haunted Houses

Creeper in the background - we didn't even know he was there!


  1. love Love LOVE the guys look awesome (Eric you even look stallion-ish)

  2. I love the costumes as well! You are too cute. I now have the Rocky theme song stuck in my head. Awesome.