Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bueno Bueno (a shoutout to Spain)

One time I lived in Spain. Last year to be exact. It was wonderful and I miss it dearly. I miss the afternoons in the Parque Retiro and the countless hours I spent getting lost in the halls of the Prado. I miss the group excursions and Consuelo, and FauFau, Gui, and Julio. I miss Sfera and Zara. I miss the old people in Spain, and I even miss the outrageous PDA haha. Chasing the bus and metro, and eating lots of gelato (about 12 extra pounds worth.) Oh, I miss the gelato.

Not that I’m saying that my life is completely miserable here in Provo – in fact, I wouldn’t trade where I’m at right now for anything, but sometimes I think to myself as I’m driving to the grocery store or work, “this time last year I was watching Flamenco at a Flamenco bar in Sevilla,” or “riding the midnight train to Barcelona where we swam in the Mediterranean and I stayed in my first hostel (that was an experience!).” I’m so lucky that I was able to have the experiences I did.

I think in many ways I owe our marriage to Spain (and not just because I drank from the fountain of marriage) When I was gone Eric and I really had a chance to build our friendship through emails and Skype conversations. I anxiously checked my email every morning and throughout the day hoping to find one from him. I love those emails and I’m so glad that we still have them. (I wanted to post one but Eric said no… sorry I know you wanted the juicy details! Haha) Once I got back, it was easy to jump right into things – and now, we’re married!! One more reason that I will always love Spain!

Legend has it that by drinking out of this fountain you will be married in the next year. hmmm...

The cuadernos - you wouldn't understand.

Perfect autumn afternoon with my favorite ladies.

Roman statues

Goya - my love.

And just in case any of you were wondering what Eric was up to while I was gone.....


  1. I'm so glad I found your blog! I have some great pics of Eric that I need to send you!! :) Hope you guys are doing great!
    Danielle & Dave

  2. Oh man, I want to go back SOOOO bad!!! Someday...