Monday, July 26, 2010

A very festive weekend

Some of the boys up here had their girlfriends come up and visit this weekend.  I, for one, loved having a few extra girls around (sometimes the amount of testosterone is overwhelming).  We were glad that they let the married couple hang around with them.  On Saturday we went to the Portland Saturday Market, and then back to Punchbowl Falls. We really love it there. Last time we went to Punchbowl Falls I really dropped the ball and missed Eric jumping off the 80ft cliff.  He didn't jump off the 80 footer again on acount of his injured tailbone, but I did catch this little diddy on camera. 

Here are some more photos of the weekend. 

The famous VooDoo donuts.... we waited in line 45 min for these babies.

Katy and Marty! What a cute couple!

The whole group at the falls.... Eric's face is my favorite.

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