Monday, January 3, 2011


We had a very wonderful Christmas here in Hermosa Beach spent with the Bells.  I must admit that I was a little... apprehensive, if you will, about my first Christmas away from home.  But, much to my surprise... we had an absolutely splendid time celebrating my favorite time of the year. 

First, we decked our halls.  (Well, lets be honest... we don't have a single hall in our apartment.  So, we decked the... walls?)

And made Gingerbread houses.

And we even played in the snow.... yes.  There was SNOW in Hermosa Beach. Fake snow, but hey, a girl can't be too picky. 

On Christmas Eve we dressed up like Wisemen.

And read the Polar Express

Christmas Day was full of.... PUZZLES!!!  And we have done nothing but puzzles ever since. 

So, as you can see we have been VERY busy Bells.  But not too busy to forget the true meaning of this special time of year.  We are thankful for the birth, life, and Atonement of Jesus Christ and hope that you and your family had a wonderful Christmas season as well. 

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  1. I really like your hair in a braid! Well, minus the wise man get-up.