Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jack Attack

It has become tradition that Jack spend his Spring Break with me.  The last two years he has visited us in Provo, this year he kicked up his SB a knotch, by coming out to Hermosa Beach!  I don't know about him, but I happen to think that Hermosa Beach is a little more exciting than Provo.  We got to do a lot of really fun things while he was here...

We went to Disneyland of course!

And ran into our long lost cousin, Nick!

We went whale watching!!  We saw whales and California Sea Lions!!

And I learned that I get seasick...

Jack made us breakfast... Biscuits and chocolate gravy.  Yum!

And we went on an AMAZING hike in Palos Verdes!

I had such a great time with Jack!  I think I had more fun than he did,  it was so good to be with my family again.  I love living in California, but I miss my family A LOT.  I'm worried that Eric wont let them come visit anymore because I get so sad when they leave.  (ie: I cried for 5 days straight when my dad left and that is not an exaggeration)  I only cried for a day after Jack left, so I'm getting better, right?  But can you really blame me when I have such a great family that I love so much?  I didn't think so. 


  1. I love the blue countertops with all of my heart! I'm glad you guys had fun!

  2. someday i will visit you in CA! i love you grrrl!

  3. Gosh! California is gorgeous!