Thursday, December 3, 2009

LCRAP... oops I mean LSAT

My husband, all he does is study study study. Thank the heavens that the LSAT is this Saturday. Eric has kept hismelf pretty busy this last month with hours of very effective studying. It has worn him right out.

Eric studying for the LSAT :)

Eric made a goal to go to bed early every night this week to make sure he ready for test day - I for one love this idea and think that it should be implemented all year long. As a result I have gotten much more sleep and feel much more chipper than usual. Even though I am getting much more sleep than usual, I am excited to have this test over and my husband back!

On a different note... My car battery died this morning (again). She is getting a little to old for this cold weather (so is Eric.)

Eric in the cold

My car in the cold


  1. re. your husband's LSAT, he might find our new free podcast helpful. It is called

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  2. I love the pic of Eric studying, maybe he was just praying before he got the ball rolling. Good luck bro, I know that you are going to rock it. And then I might have my best friend back. We've seen way to little of the Bells. Lets get together!