Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I just got off the phone with my dear friend MacKenzie. I have known Mac since Kindergarten and we shared many good times together throughout the years, including living together for my favorite year here at BYU. We have laughed until it hurts, pulled pranks, built forts, gone on road trips, talked to each other in our sleep, and even liked the same boys. This particular phone conversation had us both in tears and has left me particularly impressed and inspired by her family's never ending strength. MacKenzie's older sister Britney, a 27-year-old wife and mother of three, has been in a coma now for 7 months. Last June she was suddenly rushed to the hospital for stomach pains, underwent several emergency surgeries, and not long after fell into a coma like state. There has been little progress since. While some may be filled with feelings of helplessness and despair, MacKenzie and her family have been a source of strength and hope. My many conversations with MacKenzie over the last few months have strengthened my own testimony of the Lord's Great Plan of Happiness for us. He is an all-knowing, loving Heavenly Father, and although there may be trials in our life that we don't understand or seem impossible to overcome, if we put our trust in him, he will carry us through.

It's hard to find the words of comfort to give to MacKenzie and her family, nothing ever seems like enough. MacKenzie has asked for prayers - Please pray for Britney and her family so that this mother can come back to her three beautiful children.

You can follow Britney's blog here for any updates or information.

Here is a message on the power of hope from Elder Uchtdorf.

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  1. We love you Mac and I'm sure I speak for Maddi when I say we will always be here for you and don't hesitate to let us know if you guys need anything. And I love you Mad and just thought you should know that I read your blog