Sunday, February 21, 2010

Park City

Eric surprised me with an AMAZING weekend in Park City.  We spent Saturday snowboarding (Thank you John and Donna for our Ski passes!)  at the beautiful resort at Park City.  The weather was beautiful and we were even pleasantly surprised with a pretty heavy snowfall that gave us some nice powder. 

After snowboarding Eric took me to the SPA.

We went to the Aura Spa on Park City Main St.  It was the cutest little place I have ever been and I highly recommend it to anyone.  We enjoyed a couples massage and foot treatments.  It was Eric's first foot treatment and I think he was surprised about how much he liked it.  I hope he doesnt expect me to repeat the treatment.  I don't do feet - I can give a mean massage, but I don't do feet. 

Here is a painting that was in the Spa

We also had a near death experience. While a GPS can be a very helpful and life-saving feature, it can also lead you into a death trap.  For those of you who don't know, Eric drives a very large and very sexy big black truck.  Park City is full of very narrow and winding streets.  As we followed the directions from the GPS we found ourselves at the top of a winding hill.  We slipped right down the hill. Eric pumped the breaks but we couldn't stop.  Soon we were sliding sideways down the hill with no hope of stopping.  Eric managed to pull into a driveway where we were able to gain our composure and say a prayer. We headed back out and decided to go up the hill, rather than back down it.  Eric did such a good job.  If I had been driving, I can almsot guarantee you I would have panicked and we would have crashed.  He is my hero.  Our primary lesson today just happened to be about how the Lord watches over us.  Coincidence? I think not.

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