Tuesday, February 16, 2010

San Jorge

We took our semi-annual trip to Saint George last weekend with our favorite people. Saint George has become something that we look forward to every year. This year was the first time we took the trip as a married couple and so, naturally, we became the unofficial, “chaperones,” of the group. Eric took the role very seriously and proclaimed that everyone must be kissed on Valentines Day. Besides Ryan and Jill (who are getting married April 29- woot woot) no one was kissed. Other activities from the weekend included… Sports, great food, the parade of homes, games, Olympics, music, hiking, bbq, pool and hot tub, THE MOSS TOSS, and the best friends. Here are a few pictures from the hike we took.
Eric and Skiz (Scott's little bro) hiking

They are perfect for eachother

This is Skyler - He is the third Johnson brother and was pretty
much the entertainment for the trip

There has never been a trio like this
The group- love these people with all our hearts

After they all jumped off the cliff into the FREEZING cold water
And the grand finale- Eric cliff jumping into the coldest water he's ever been in. He jumped off a higher cliff than this later, but this video is better.

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