Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Now What?

Well, now that the Olympics are over we just aren't quite sure what to do with ourselves?  We have spent the last 2 weeks enthralled with the Olympics.  So much so that Eric has even grown an Apollo Ohno tribute "flavor savor."  I for one think he looks very sexy.

Can you see the resemblance??

Here are a few more of our Olympic Highlights...

USA Bobsled.... 1st Gold in 60+ years... holla.

Bode Miller walked away with a Gold, Silver, and Bronze.  Even though three golds would be pretty sweet, I think I side with Bode on this one - One of every color. 

Jeret Peterson's Hurrican was one of my favorites. 

Joannie Rochette broke my heart and stole Eric's.

Shaun White - my personal all time favorite and the reason why I love red heads.

And finally... Lindsey Vohn.  She had some struggles but who can complain about a gold and a silver?

We throughouly enjoyed the Olympics and have both had questions of - why didn't I do something like that?  Well, the good news is we have 4 years of training ahead of us.  Eric, of course will be speed skating while I think I would enjoy ski jumping (I'm pretty good on the Wii fit). 

Watch for us... Sochi 2014.

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