Sunday, February 27, 2011

Go fly a kite

When Eric and I first started dating it was long distance. We didn't get to see each other very often, but Eric tried really hard to impress me  was really romantic and would fly to Denver to see me for just a few hours.  It's no wonder he swept me off my feet.  On one of these mini visits,  we went to a park near the airport, picnicked, and flew a kite. 

Oh, young love. 

Well,  things haven't changed too much around here. 
Except now we fly our kites at the beach. 

And we look really good doing it.

And just for your viewing pleasure, here is the view from our front porch. 


  1. I love it! Eric really is just so great!

  2. Oh, the good old days... When they still tried really hard to impress us... I guess I wore makeup more often when we were dating, so I'm guilty of it, too! I'm so jealous of your view! I can't wait to come visit. Peyton will be in heaven with you and Eric AND the beach.