Thursday, February 24, 2011

As of late

My dad recently noted that my blog was lacking in interesting posts, to which I responded that my life was lacking in interesting events. So, sorry that we are not that interesting but we do our best.  

Well, that might not be entirely true, as we have been keeping ourselves very busy with work, friends, and family.  AND.... Drum roll please.....Eric is not the only employed member of the Bell family anymore. I have a job!! I work at a local tutoring company and I honestly LOVE my job.  I get to work one-on-one with elementary to high school aged kids.  I am the resident Spanish expert, but I  also tutor in any other subjects that my students may need help with.
Just ask me about mitosis... I've become quite the expert if I do say so myself. 

We took an impromptu vacation to Las Vegas over Valentine's Day weekend, and I didn't take any pictures.  Except this one.  

We went to the Rugby sevens tournament at UNLV and had a great time!  We also spent some time with our wonderful friends Jade and Ashton (and Peyton and Tinky!) 

On Monday we got a surprise visit from Scott, Jason, and Sam who came to Hermosa for a surfing lesson. 

 This is in the back of our house... we have a great view when the garbage truck isn't there.

And now for the highlight of the post...... Look what I made!!  This is my Valentine's Day wreath and I kind of love it! (it may or may not be still hanging on my door)

Well,  I hope that this was interesting enough for you.... we'll try to kick it up a notch. 


  1. You are just so dang pretty! I think you're very intersting...and so crafty! Love the wreath still

  2. I LOVEEEEEEE the wreath!!!! So much! Look at you Miss Crafty Cathy!

  3. Dad's wrong! I like him alot, but he's wrong this time. Your blog is never lacking in interesting commentary, pictures, witty words of wisdom, silliness or just pure joy. And it isn't just because you're 2 of my very favorite people!!!!